Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview

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Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL)

Shadowbase synchronous replication (Shadowbase Zero Data Loss, or Shadowbase ZDL) resolves two key issues of asynchronous replication: data loss on a source system failure and data collisions when running an active/active environment.

Recovery Point Objective = 0

By eliminating data loss and effectively setting the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to zero, Shadowbase ZDL protects your valuable data from having to be recreated after catastrophic failure. This product removes the risk of loss and uncertainty of the status of your data after a failover/takeover. In a future release, by eliminating data collisions, Shadowbase ZDL also allows active/active solutions for applications previously prohibited from running in a continuous availability architecture. There is no need for application/data partitioning or data collision detection and resolution.

Route Request Anywhere

Removing this need also allows for optimal load-balancing across systems using a “route request anywhere” architecture, resulting in better system capacity utilization. By removing these restrictions, the minimum possible outage and zero data loss for the widest possible range of applications is now a reality.

Downtime is Unacceptable

Shadowbase ZDL provides unique differentiating product capabilities for the HPE NonStop market, and is the only choice for business critical applications where even milliseconds of lost data or downtime is unacceptable.

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Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview