Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview

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Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL)

Shadowbase Synchronous Replication (Shadowbase Zero Data Loss, or Shadowbase ZDL) resolves a key issue with Asynchronous Replication: the potential for data loss on a source system failure. This risk is inherent in all asynchronous data replication engines due to Replication Latency.  Replication latency occurs when the source application is generating database changes, and the replication engine is asynchronously picking up those changes and replicating them to the backup system.  When a source system failure occurs, some of that data may not have been replicated to the backup system, and hence can be lost and unrecoverable. This potential for data loss can put the business at enormous risk to the organization, possibly leading to regulatory fines, brand reputation damage, upset customers, and even put human health at risk.

Recovery Point Objective = 0

By eliminating data loss and effectively setting the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to zero, Shadowbase ZDL protects your valuable data from having to be recreated after catastrophic failure. This product removes the risk of loss and uncertainty of the status of your data after a failover/takeover.

Downtime is Unacceptable

Shadowbase ZDL provides unique differentiating product capabilities for the HPE NonStop market, and is the only choice for business critical applications where even milliseconds of lost data or downtime is unacceptable.

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Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview