Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL) Solution Brief

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Business Continuity and Data Integration Replication: Applications Where Data Loss Cannot be Tolerated

Using unique and patented synchronous replication technology, Shadowbase ZDL ensures that all database changes made on a source system are successfully replicated to the target system before the source application is allowed to commit (make permanent) those changes. If the source system fails, no committed changes made to the source database will be lost; they will be present on the backup system and applied to the backup database.

Unique Capabilities of Shadowbase ZDL

Unlike some synchronous replication products, Shadowbase ZDL does not require any specific disk technology (e.g., an HPE XP array is not required), and there are no imposed distance hardware limitations between source and target systems. Shadowbase ZDL provides differentiating product capabilities for the HPE NonStop market.

Solution Brief:
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