HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity Solutions

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Transactional Data

Businesses with continuous access to real-time online transactional data have a competitive advantage. HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions support low-latency, uni-directional (one-way), and bi-directional (two-way) data replication between homogeneous and heterogeneous systems and databases with scalability, selectivity, and sophisticated data transformation and mapping facilities.

Award-winning Shadowbase Business Continuity Solutions

The award-winning Gravic Shadowbase Business Continuity solutions achieve high and continuous availability to prevent prolonged periods of downtime and data loss, which can be extremely costly to a business.

Growing Usage of Shadowbase Software

Companies often purchase an HPE Shadowbase uni-directional, disaster recovery architecture, then extend its use into a more advanced business continuity solution, such as a bi-directional active/active architecture. They also often take advantage of Shadowbase data and application integration capabilities for real-time business intelligence.

Shadowbase Business Continuity Architectures

This brief covers the available HPE Shadowbase business continuity architectures, and HPE Shadowbase solutions for:

Solution Brief:
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  1. Shadowbase Business Continuity from Shadowbase Software on Vimeo.
  2. YouTube link (same video): Shadowbase Business Continuity from Shadowbase Software on YouTube.