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HPE Shadowbase Solutions Overview

    Make Your Business ‘Nonstop’

    As the CEO or CIO of your enterprise, you are responsible for delivering continuous business services as well as maintaining audit compliance. The speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data integration into the realm of real time. Business transactions and events must be propagated across your enterprise as they occur, driving action, enabling new business services, and giving you competitive advantage.

      Partnership Overview: HPE and Gravic

      HPE NonStop systems and HPE Shadowbase Working together: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Gravic are collaborating in a fresh new way to bring increased value to customers like you.We know that acquiring technology is only the first step in achieving a business goal. The technology pieces need to work together. They need to be tested. They need to provide rich functionality, quickly and effectively, so you can concentrate on your business needs...