HPE Shadowbase Data Replication Solutions

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The Technology Landscape is Changing

The technology landscape is changing and relies on IT applications in continuously running datacenters. It requires constant uptime and demands data sharing within an enterprise. Shadowbase Business Continuity software ensures extreme availability levels where system uptimes are measured in centuries.

Gravic’s HPE Shadowbase Products Group leads the market in providing database replication and integration solutions ever since the 1984 release of the TMF Auditor product, the first online replication product of its kind.

The Shadowbase product suite for HPE NonStop and Other Servers provides real-time data replication and integration for a nonstop world!

Solution Brief:
HPE Shadowbase Data Replication Solutionsadobe-icon


  1. Gravic Shadowbase Overview from Shadowbase Software on Vimeo.
  2. YouTube link (same video): Gravic Shadowbase Overview from Shadowbase Software on YouTube.