HPE Shadowbase Total Replication Solutions Product Datasheet

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HPE Shadowbase Real-time Replication

This datasheet provides comprehensive introductory information about the entire HPE Shadowbase Total Replication Solutions product suite. Gravic, Inc. is a world leader in providing innovative data collection, transformation, and distribution solutions for business continuity and enterprise content management, via its HPE Shadowbase real-time data replication, data integration, and application integration software solutions.

Low-latency Data Replication

This product suite provides the means to deliver always available data, via reliable low-latency real-time data replication and distribution across heterogeneous systems, databases, and applications, including HPE NonStop, Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms.

HPE Shadowbase Solutions

With these powerful capabilities, HPE Shadowbase solutions provide your business with the tools needed to realize the competitive advantage of continuous access to real-time transactional data across the enterprise, and to avoid the significant costs of system and data unavailability.

Product Datasheet:
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