HPE Shadowbase Solutions in a Big Data World

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Big Data Analytics

A big data analytics system typically requires a large network of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of heterogeneous, purpose-built servers, each performing its own portion of the task. All of these systems must intercommunicate with each other in real-time, and integrate with high-speed, flexible, and reliable data distribution.

Creating a Big Data Analytics System

The HPE Shadowbase data replication engine becomes the “glue” that binds the servers and data sharing in a big data analytics system. HPE Shadowbase replication has the ability to rapidly and reliably reformat and transfer large amounts of data between heterogeneous databases and applications in real-time, thereby enabling it to play a major role in big data.

HPE Shadowbase Software

We look at several technologies that together interact to extract valuable business information from big data, and the role that HPE Shadowbase software solutions play in integrating these technologies.

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