HPE Shadowbase Solutions for the Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud Architectures

In this white paper, we discuss cloud integration, hybrid cloud architectures and the role that HPE Shadowbase replication solutions can play in hybrid cloud computing for critical applications, showing how they can lower your IT costs, improve fault tolerance of your applications, and increase flexibility. With the advent of cloud computing, HPE Shadowbase solutions play a pivotal role in integration of the cloud with private (internal) IT infrastructure, allowing for hybrid approaches that assign critical processing to highly available private systems such as HPE NonStop Servers (among others), and noncritical processing to the public cloud.

Growing Popularity

This concept is gaining momentum as the means to exploit the benefits of cloud computing, while avoiding the pitfalls (such as loss of control of data security and the availability of the computing infrastructure).

HPE Shadowbase Software

There are many types of hybrid architecture supported by HPE Shadowbase software that allow critical systems to take advantage of cloud computing by offloading noncritical functions to the cloud infrastructure.

White Paper:
adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Solutions for the Cloud