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Validate Source and Target Data Match


One of the world’s largest financial services firms provides investment services, transaction processing, and asset management on HPE NonStop systems. The institution is required to meet regulatory requirements, including validating that its business continuity solution’s target data is correct.


  1. The firm trusted but never verified that its source data was accurately applied to the target database.
  2. Auditors indicated that any data discrepancy would put the firm at risk and be in violation of regulatory requirements.
  3. Continuously validating the data posed a complex and time-consuming challenge. The firm could not take an outage to perform the validation.


Use HPE Shadowbase Compare to create a table of differences which highlights any discrepancies between the source and target databases:

Compare the databases

Figure 1 — Compare Databases, Creating a Table of Differences

Use HPE Shadowbase Repair to choose from several options to safely correct these discrepancies:

Repair the database

Figure 2 — Repair the Databases by Referencing the Table of Differences, and then the Source Data


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