Manage Massive Data Growth with Online Repartitioning

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Figure 1 — Original File or Table Structure (with N Partitions)


One of the largest U.S. processors of credit card transactions provides 24×7 card management services on HPE NonStop Systems with HPE Shadowbase software in an active/active (partitioned) business continuity architecture (data collisions are not possible, Figure 1).


  1. The processor’s database queries are starting to time out and are becoming very inefficient.
  2. The growing database size and activity requires an online repartition (no application outage is allowed).
  3. The repartitioning impact needs to be minimized for homogeneous (same) and heterogeneous (different) file formats and table schemas.
  4. The processor required one tool and approach for all file and table types (Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX).


Figure 2 — Open New File or Table (with M Partitions)


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