Major Internet Service Provider (ISP) Migrates to HPE NonStop for Extreme Availability with No Downtime

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Original architecture

Figure 1 — Original Active/Passive Architecture


A major Internet Service Provider (ISP) is providing 24×7 email, Internet, instant messaging, and other services for millions of international customers.

The ISP originally had a primary and disaster recovery farm of servers running Sybase database managers on Linux. Each farm had 16 login servers, which were geographically separated for the purpose of disaster tolerance and were interconnected by a wide area network (WAN). The ISP used Sybase data replication for Disaster Recovery between the farms (Figure 1).


  1. The user base grew, which created a capacity strain on the Sybase systems. The databases on the individual servers were standalone and not integrated, which made querying and management slow and difficult.
  2. Database sharding (physical partitioning of one database across multiple database instances) posed data consistency and corruption challenges.
  3. The amount of data per database instance had grown so large that queries scanning the largest tables often timed out before completing.
  4. The application needed more capacity to support a rapidly growing user base.

The ISP performed a proof of concept (POC) to test many of the major commercially available database engines. One of the competitors could not complete the tests. Another limped along under full load, not able to complete queries within the desired service-level agreement (SLA). Fortunately, HPE Integrity NonStop hardware with an SQL/MP database in an active/active configuration satisfactorily completed all tests.

The ISP faced a major challenge: how can it migrate from the old Linux/Sybase servers to the new NonStop architecture without impacting its customers?


Final active/active architecture

Figure 2 — Final Active/Active Architecture


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