Spring 2023: Shadowbase Deployment News

Peter E. Schvarcz

Peter Schvarcz
ITL Senior Project Manager

The Deployment Team is Busy with Several Customer Migrations!

We have been happy to attend a few user group meetings and have the opportunity to see customers, partners, and friends face-to-face again. We are also looking forward to participating in more in-person user group meetings later in the year.

If we thought six months ago that we couldn’t be much busier, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

RDF to Shadowbase Software Migration

We completed the migration from RDF to Shadowbase software for a Caribbean island-based customer and are now in the final stages of its migration from NonStop SQL/MP to Windows MS SQL. The customer will soon be in the midst of QA testing of the migration, followed by implementing it in production, providing the customer with new off-platform capabilities leveraging a completely new MS SQL database.

BASE24 Active/Active Migration

Similarly, we are now working on the final stages of BASE24™ active-active replication of the ATM environment at a major U.K. bank that we described in our last newsletter. The final phase of this migration will include the processing of POS transactions that arrive via various interchanges and includes some special handling to accommodate the specific BASE24 dual-site capabilities.

If you’re going to eBITUG, make sure you attend the customer presentation covering this project: Major UK Bank Migrates its BASE24™ Application to Active/Active for Continuous Availability.

migrationMore Migrations!

We recently began another migration from RDF to Shadowbase software for another European bank. And there is a lot more; we are about to start a proof of concept (POC) and migration from another replication product to Shadowbase software at a well-known insurance provider. We are also working on POCs and implementations at a major pharmaceutical company and a major U.S. credit card processing company, as well as a similar company in Europe.

Global Growth

We are seeing increased interest in our solutions across the globe! We are quite busy in product development, with major feature releases, significant enhancements, and more. We are also busy in the area of business development.

In order to prepare for this growth, we had several people join our Gravic family. Chances are you have met them before as part of their work in other areas of the NonStop community. One is Alfredo Gonzales, who is assisting with our product deployments as well as our business development in the LATAM region.

Connect 2012 logoI hope you are subscribed to the Connect emails so that you can keep track of the upcoming in-person user group events throughout the year, including the recent NYTUG and MATUG events. Hopefully, some of you had a chance to take part in these meetings.

We look forward to another successful six months and providing you with more exciting news in our next newsletter!

As always, please contact us if you have a question related to Shadowbase support or deployments.

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