Fall 2023: Shadowbase Development News

Jonathan M. Ziegler

Jonathan Ziegler,
Sr. Manager, Product Development

Latest Shadowbase Release Highlights

We are excited to share information on our latest releases, available now with a whole host of new functionality:

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801 for both J and L-series systems
  • HPE Shadowbase Version 6.800 for Other Servers for Windows/SQL Server

IMPORTANT: New License File Requirement

For customers upgrading from an older version to HPE Shadowbase Version 6.700 or newer, you will need a new license file because of an internal update to the Shadowbase License format.

Please note: to support interoperability between future versions of Shadowbase software, the message formats were extended with versioning information, which makes this release incompatible with release versions 6.699 or prior releases.  Hence, for environments where Shadowbase software interoperates across NonStop systems, all instances must be upgraded to Version 6.700 or newer at the same time.

Version 6.801 for HPE NonStop J and L-series Features – Available Now

  • Enscribe DDL Command Replication (DCR) with our new SBFUP utility, which directly supports replication of FUP DDL commands with an expanded range of commands available, compared to audit DDL event replication
  • Expanded support for Enscribe Entry-sequenced file replication via alternate keys to include the usage of non-unique keys for positioning
  • Support for Enscribe DDL2 record definitions (in addition to Enscribe DDL records supported previously)
  • Expanded SQL/MP entry-sequenced table replication support to allow replication via a unique index for positioning
  • Support for exact SQL/MP SYSKEY replication directly from Guardian without the need for separate Shadowbase software for OSS installation or ODBC/MX configuration
  • Expanded SQL/MX replication adding support for recently added data types
  • Enhanced statistics reporting, including “ESTATS” sorting options by file name and file volume, along with an output limiter, for extended statistics output
  • Enhanced scalability with support for source-side intra-partition event fan out by hashed key value for replication of extremely busy partitions (avoids the classic “hot spots” for high-volume batch processing)
  • Several performance improvements for our FETCHSOURCE feature to eliminate fetching ‘missing’ compressed update data unless absolutely necessary
  • Advanced CREATE DDL event replication with sophisticated partition and alternate key file mapping support
  • Other usability improvements, and much more!

Version 6.800 for Other Servers Windows/SQL Server Features – Available Now

  • ODBC array caching support for improved performance, particularly with remote database appliance or cloud-based target databases (e.g., replicating into Azure when the Shadowbase client is remote from the Azure cloud instance)
  • Installation improvements and support for multiple concurrent Shadowbase environments of varying versions on Microsoft Windows platforms
  • Enhanced latency and statistics reporting
  • Improved wildcarding functionality for SBMON commands
  • Other usability enhancements such as additional logging options and improvements, and more!

Version 6.810 for Other Servers Platforms Features – Coming Soon

  • Support for the version 6.800 general features for our other supported platforms and databases, including AWS Aurora, Google Cloud Platform Cloud SQL, etc.
  • Enhanced statistics reporting, including detailed information on file I/O operations
  • A new utility, SBLICINFO, to assist with system information reporting for license requests

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