Spring 2022: Shadowbase Development News

Jonathan Ziegler

Jonathan Ziegler,
Sr. Manager, Product Development

Latest Shadowbase Release Highlights

Please note the new license file requirement for existing customers.

Version 6.700 of HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers is now generally available. Version 6.700 of HPE Shadowbase for NonStop Servers is in QA now, and will be available soon. The main features of each are highlighted below. For more detailed information on this release, please see our Shadowbase Product Releases (SPRs).

Notice New License File Requirement

A new license file is required to install and run HPE Shadowbase (for HPE NonStop and Other Servers) software version 6.700. This requirement is due to a change in the format of the license file; current license terms are still valid and remain in force. Contact the HPE License Manager to request a new license file.

DO NOT INSTALL HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers software version 6.700 until a new license file has been obtained.

ServersShadowbase Version 6.700 for Other Server Platforms is Generally Available

Shadowbase software version 6.700 for Other Server platforms includes several key changes and fixes, along with a roll-up of the prior version 6.600 patches. Please reference the SOFTDOC, located at HPE Shadowbase Product Releases, for more information.

  1. Support for the replication of SQL/MP and SQL/MX Sequence Objects from NSB in Guardian to OSB in OSS (when combined with the upcoming version 6.700 for HPE NonStop release)
  2. Support for PostgreSQL target replication for ODBC target objects
  3. The Visual Studio project for User Exit development for the Windows release of HPE Shadowbase
  4. Support for more versions of the MySQL ODBC driver on Windows and Linux
  5. Oracle database replication enhancements:
    • Support for collection of the Oracle types TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE and TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE with HPE Shadowbase Log Source for Oracle.
    • Support for the use of User Exits, which can modify data, with HPE Shadowbase Log Source for Oracle
    • Support for replicating Oracle column names, which include spaces, with the use of the SHAD_OPCOLLECT_COLUMN_WRAP parameter to set the delimiters required by the target
  6. Other miscellaneous usability enhancements and fixes

Version 6.700 for HPE NonStop features include:

  • SQL/MX sequence generator object replication (in conjunction with the version 6.700 for Other Servers release)
  • Performance and functionality improvements to Shadowbase Compare for Enscribe databases
  • Built-in parallelization support for Shadowbase SQL Compare
  • SBCREATP, a new utility to map SQL/MP table schemas into target database formats (e.g., Oracle, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server)
  • Simplified integration and GA release of Shadowbase data transformation mapping utility (SBMAP), with the addition of Enscribe support to the existing SQL/MP support
  • Loading of Enscribe QUEUE files with SOLV
  • And many more!

1s and 0s

Plans on the horizon for future development:

  • Shadowbase for Other Servers usability improvements, including:
    • Support for multiple concurrent environments on Windows
    • Enhanced latency and statistics reporting
  • HPE Shadowbase ZDL for NonStop general availability (GA) release
  • Further enhancements and functionality for HPE Shadowbase ZDL for NonStop, including bi-directional replication
  • Additional enhancements for Shadowbase Compare for Enscribe, including:
    • Further performance improvements and automatic parallel comparison support
    • Shadowbase Repair for Enscribe files
  • Cross-vendor heterogeneous database comparison support
  • Sophisticated DDL replication for all supported NonStop databases
  • SQL/MX support for the Shadowbase data transformation mapping utility (SBMAP)

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