Why Your Business Continuity Plan May be Inadequate

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is not business continuity, and business continuity technologies are not all equal – some technologies are “more equal” than others. Even though you may already have a business continuity plan in place, it may not be adequate, well-tested, or well-supported.

False Sense of Security

Worse, it may be providing you with a false sense of security, and could fail when called upon. If you rely on an active/passive architecture, does it really provide sufficient availability? Avoid taking this risk by utilizing other replication technologies, such as sizzling-hot-takeover and active/active architectures.

Synchronous Replication

New and future enhancements to synchronous replication will allow for the highest levels of availability with no data collisions and zero data loss. You may want to consider moving to this architecture or one of the other higher level replication architectures before you find out the hard way that your existing business continuity plan is not adequate.

adobe-iconWhy Your Business Continuity Plan May be Inadequate