May 30, 2024 — Gravic Publishes Article on its 45 Years of History!

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Gravic published an article, Gravic, Inc. Celebrates its 45th Anniversary – Then vs. Now, in the May/June issue of The Connection.  It shares stories from our origins and history, while expressing our gratitude for everyone who worked with Gravic over the past 45 years.

After an explanation of how Gravic got its name, the article highlights each of the four separate groups included in Gravic: Remark Software, Shadowbase Software, Remark Innovations, and Gravic Labs. In particular, Shadowbase Software has grown exponentially over the decades, from a simple data replication solution to a large suite of software products with immeasurable benefits.

Not only is it our 45th Anniversary, it is also our 10th year of partnership with HPE. Our partnership has brought HPE Shadowbase solutions to hundreds of worldwide enterprises. We thank our customers and partners, who made this anniversary possible; we could not be more grateful.