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Large Telco Deploys HPE Shadowbase Continuous Availability Architecture for Scale-Out to Handle Massive Growth in Smart Phone Usage

Switching from Landline to Mobile Services

A large telephone company (telco) switched from providing landline services to mobile phones and began using HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions to keep billing services up-to-date and to prevent cellular fraud.

Increasing Smart Phone Usage

In order to meet the demands of increasingly complex and prevalent smart phone usage, the company required an expanded billing service that would keep pace with the growing number of smart phone functions.

HPE Shadowbase Software

The telco chose HPE Shadowbase software to implement its new smart phone “Billing and Provisioning System” to create an active/active, continuously available, scale-out solution, thereby ensuring smart phone services are always available to its customers. HPE Shadowbase software is also used to integrate this system with a preventive fraud detection application.

Case Study:
adobe-iconLarge Telco Deploys HPE Shadowbase Continuous Availability Architecture for Scale Out of Smart Phones

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