Offload Querying/Reporting from the Host to Commodity Systems

Old architecture

Figure 1 — Old Adapter Architecture: Reporting Application with Remote Enscribe Database Access



A large European steel tubing manufacturer runs its shop floor control applications on an HPE NonStop system. The manufacturer periodically generated reports on Linux systems using a connectivity tool that remotely accessed the NonStop Enscribe database.


  1. The architecture was susceptible to network failures, timeouts, and/or slowdowns when operating at full capacity.
  2. The remote query activity grew to the point that it interfered with the HPE NonStop system processing.
  3. The manufacturer needed access to its Enscribe data using standard ODBC connectivity for querying, reporting, and online analytical processing (OLAP) to leverage new analytical tools.
  4. The manufacturer needed to share the OLAP results back with the NonStop applications to optimize shop floor control.


New architecture

Figure 2 — New Architecture: Replicated and Transformed Oracle Database for Reporting and Analytics

Shop Floor Control Reports and Analysis

In Figure 2, a shop floor application is making changes to an HPE NonStop Enscribe database. HPE Shadowbase software picks up these changes from the TMF Audit Trail, replicating and transforming them to the Linux system, and applying them into a replicated Oracle database. This architecture enables local data access for new Linux query and report applications to run query, analysis,  OLAP, and decision support systems.

Shop Floor Control Alerts and Management


HPE Shadowbase Products of Interest

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