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Easily Modernize and Expose Valuable Enscribe Data – Eliminate Data Silos

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This article/case study explains that a large European manufacturer runs its online shop floor operations on an HPE NonStop Server using an Enscribe database, and how it deployed an HPE Shadowbase data integration solution to exploit the currency and value of this online, trapped, and siloed data. Data replication is not only used for providing backups for business continuity, but also for moving isolated data in real-time in order to leverage its value for competitive advantage, and building new business solutions. Data replication’s potential includes: integrating disparate applications, eliminating data silos, and distributing data quickly where it is needed and can easily be consumed by other applications. In this case, the manufacturer chose an “off-platform” solution using Linux/Oracle for analytical processing and reporting.  A second case study reviews how another customer utilized “on-platform” data integration, where Shadowbase software transformed and replicated the trapped and siloed source data (HPE NonStop Enscribe) into the desired target data structure (SQL), keeping the target database on the HPE NonStop Server to leverage its fault-tolerance and extensive SQL feature set.

Easily Modernize and Expose Valuable Enscribe Data – Eliminate Data Silos


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