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February 27, 2020 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at SunTUG

Presenting HPE Shadowbase Updates

Prize Winners

Winning Prizes

At the annual SunTUG Sunshine Summit in Tampa, we met with HPE personnel, talked with local HPE NonStop users, presented HPE Shadowbase Updates, and learned of other vendor news. Roland Lemoine of HPE opened the show with a 2020 update on HPE NonStop. Attendance was at a high volume again this year, with all remaining engaged and asking questions throughout the presentations.


A special thanks to Pat Hill, Teri Sears, Jim Anderson, John Trizis, and Sylvain Tetreault for organizing and contributing to the event’s success!

Congratulations to Vaitheeswaran Chandrasekaren (aka VC) of Chase for winning our JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker prize! Congratulations to Chris Donnelly of Chase for winning the SunTUG golf jacket prize!


The SunTUG 2020 Audience


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