Products Overview

The patented HPE Shadowbase product suite encompasses enterprise software solutions for business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application integration, as well as providing specific utility software. The suite also includes software solutions for HPE NonStop servers, Other Server platforms and databases, and support for BASE24 and BASE24™ Classic, BASE24-eps™, Lusis Payments, and BPC SmartVista application environments.

HPE and Gravic are strategic partners and HPE sells the Shadowbase product suite under the name, HPE Shadowbase, and offers sales and support globally, directly through the HPE organization. HPE licenses, services, and supports our leading-edge Shadowbase software solutions for NonStop and other servers. The software addresses data replication for business continuity, heterogeneous data integration, application integration, and also complement existing HPE solutions, including HPE NonStop RDF, HPE NonStop AutoTMF, and HPE NonStop AutoSync. By providing a single point of purchase and support for this advanced replication technology, HPE and Gravic are improving the overall customer experience. Gravic customers benefit from the global reach, industry expertise, and 24×7 support available from HPE, while HPE customers benefit from the wide range of unique features available with Shadowbase technology.

Gravic, a world leader in providing Total Replication Solutions supports replication from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server source databases on most UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms. All of the characteristics of reliability, availability, and scalability of the Shadowbase NonStop software products are carried into the Other Server software as are the full-featured flexible capabilities like sophisticated data transformation and mapping, and the GUI Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM) command, control, and monitoring module. Replication is supported from Oracle and SQL Server source databases to Oracle, Sybase®, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and HPE NonStop target databases. All of the Shadowbase product features and benefits are also available for BASE24 and GE Centricity Enterprise application environments.

HPE Shadowbase products for business continuity provide extensible facilities that enable disparate applications to avoid planned and unplanned downtime. These products include traditional uni-directional active/passive disaster recovery, Sizzling-Hot-Takeover (SZT, also known as “Sizzling-Hot-Standby”) active/almost-active higher availability architectures, and fully active/active continuous availability architectures. In addition, Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) technology eliminates planned application downtime even through disruptive upgrades and platform migrations.

HPE Shadowbase products for data integration and synchronization are powerful and flexible facilities enabling diverse applications to interoperate with each other in real-time at the data-driven level, by creating real-time copies of selected data from a source system’s database into a target system’s database, which may then be acted upon by target applications. Typical uses include uni-directionally feeding data warehouses, data marts, operational data stores, or query/reporting databases; as well as bi-directionally re-integrating database changes across distributed application processing platforms.

HPE Shadowbase products for application integration are strong and extensible facilities that enable various applications to interoperate with each other at the event-driven level, with events generated by a source application sent in real-time to a target application for processing. Typical uses include building real-time business intelligence systems, real-time fraud detection, real-time event notification, and real-time sales analysis.

HPE Shadowbase utility products help manage, monitor and, if necessary, correct data in order to detect and resolve anomalous behavior, and also ensure continuation of proper business operations, and with audit compliance.

Shadowbase products provide businesses with the tools needed to realize the competitive advantage of continuous access to real-time transactional data across the enterprise, and to avoid the significant costs of service and data unavailability.

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