Comprehensive List of Training Module Syllabi

Provided below is a list of all of the Shadowbase training modules that are currently available. After you click on a link below, you will see the student syllabus. Each syllabus describes in detail what information is provided within each module, and also lists prerequisites for each module.

Section 1 — IntroductionHPE Shadowbase sample training certificate

Section 2 — Uni-directional Configurations for HPE NonStop Servers

Section 3 — Bi-directional Configurations for HPE NonStop Servers

Section 4 — Shadowbase for Other Servers

Section 5 — Bi-directional Configurations for Other Servers

Section 6 — Shadowbase Compare

Section 7 — Shadowbase Audit Log (SAL)

Section 8 — Shadowbase Online Loading (SOLV)

Section 9 — Shadowbase Tools and Utilities

Section 10 — Miscellaneous Shadowbase Information

Section 11 — Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL)