Choosing a Business Continuity Solution to Match Your Business Availability Requirements

Business continuity encompasses those activities that an enterprise performs to maintain consistency and recoverability of its operations and services. The availability of application services provided by an enterprise’s IT infrastructure is only one of many facets of business continuity, albeit an extremely important one. Application availability depends upon the ability of IT services to survive any fault, whether it is a server failure, a network fault, or a data center disaster. An enabling technology for achieving high availability and even continuous availability for application services is data replication. Selecting the right data replication technology to achieve your business continuity goals is the focus of this white paper. We also summarize the HPE Shadowbase suite of replication products from Gravic, Inc. HPE Shadowbase software provides the full range of replication technologies to satisfy the most demanding IT availability requirements.

White Paper:
Choosing a Business Continuity Soladobe-iconution to Match Your Business Availability Requirements

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