Only the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths

New Improvements and Authors’ Note

We recently transformed this content from an article into a full-blown white paper. We feel it is critically important to address this topic because we continue to find that considerable misinformation still exists regarding the use of TMF and data auditing in general on HPE NonStop systems.

Debunking TMF Myths and Leveraging this Technology

Perceptions remain that the use of TMF is superfluous, costly, or has bad performance issues, as well as a lack of understanding or disregard for the data integrity protection benefits offered by TMF. Debunking these myths and leveraging this transformative technology is critical to empowering mission-critical and business-critical applications and services, and for competitively positioning NonStop applications well into the future.

HPE NonStop Shadowbase Data Replication Software

HPE NonStop Shadowbase data replication software captures change data (data created or updated by users and applications) from a transaction log, for example the TMF log on NonStop systems. As data is changed, TMF writes the changes to the transaction log, where they are read by HPE Shadowbase software for replication to a target system or application.

White Paper
adobe-iconOnly the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths

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