HPE Shadowbase SOLV Product Suite — Online Database Loading, Copying, Synchronizing, and Unloading

The HPE Shadowbase Online Loader (SOLV) and the HPE Shadowbase Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Toolkit are utility products designed to perform initial database loads, including any subsequent target database resynchronization, providing online and offline loading (or unloading) of a source database into a target database, which can be open for reading and updating while the load (or copy) occurs. The SOLV utility plays an important role in eliminating planned downtime via zero downtime migration (ZDM) and also provides an option for replicating non-audited HPE NonStop Enscribe and SQL data.

The ETL Toolkit is used to extract database changes or initial load data into flat files for subsequent ETL loading into a data warehouse using comma-separated value (CSV), fixed-position, and tab-delimited formats. A variety of features and databases are supported.


White Paper:
HPE Shadowbase SOLV Product Suite

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