Prevent Fraudulent Activity for Online Banking


A European bank provides online account access to its customers for a banking application that runs on HPE NonStop systems. Fraud occurs and is difficult to identify and prosecute. The intent to commit a crime is not sufficient; the crime must actually be attempted for prosecution. Fraudulent financial activity is increasing in the region, particularly in online banking.


This situation is costing the bank a lot of money. The bank has had limited success assisting authorities in prosecuting the crimes. The bank needs a straight-forward method to integrate the fraud-detection process without having to rewrite its applications.


  • Use HPE Shadowbase Application Integration to integrate the HPE NonStop online banking activity in real-time with a Linux-based fraud-scoring application, to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs
  • Enable the prosecution of the crime by demonstrating actual, attempted fraud

    Diagram of users making changes to an online banking application running on an HPE NonStop Server, which posts its changes to a banking database, then the Tx Log picks up the changes, and Shadowbase Collector on the NonStop picks up these changes, then sends them via Shadowbase streams to a Linux system. Multiple Shadowbase logic processes are running at the same time for parralelism and fast performance. After being formatted properly, the transactions are sent to a fraud-scoring application which rates the probability of the transaction being fraudulent, which then sends the responses back to the online banking applicaiton which either commits the transaction or aborts and sends the responses to the appropriate authority for criminal prosecution.

    Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Fraud Detection Architecture


  • Reduced costs from fraudulent activity
  • Crimes using the online application are easier to identify, prosecute, and have a higher conviction rate

HPE Shadowbase Products of Interest

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase DIAI Basic SW (SKU BE443AC)
  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase DIAI Adv LTU (SKU BE444AL)
  • HPE Other Server Shadowbase DIAI Basic SW (SKU WSA51V6T2)
  • HPE Other Server Shadowbase DIAI Adv SW (SKU WSA52V6T2)

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