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Real-Time Business Intelligence Summary

Stock photo of "Open 24 hours" LED signThe speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time. The result is real-time business intelligence (RTBI). As business transactions occur, they are fed to a real-time business intelligence system for business insight that maintains the current state of the enterprise. The RTBI system not only supports the classic strategic functions of data warehousing for deriving information and knowledge from past enterprise activity, but also provides real-time tactical support to drive enterprise actions that react immediately to events as they occur (real-time decision support). It replaces both the classic data warehouse and the enterprise application integration functions. Such event-driven processing is a basic tenet of RTBI.

White Paper: The Evolution of Real-Time Business Intelligence

The HPE Shadowbase suite of products provides the capabilities necessary to integrate disparate operational application information into the RTBI system and to support RTBI functions. The HPE Shadowbase replication engine is a high-speed, bi-directional, heterogeneous data replication engine that moves data updates from enterprise systems to the RTBI system and back in fractions of a second. It allows the events to be filtered and transformed into formats that downstream processing can utilize, and embeds complex processing rules into the replication engine instead of having to encode them into the applications themselves. It supports active/active configurations for RTBI systems to achieve continuous availability.

With RTBI, an enterprise establishes long-term strategies to optimize its operations, while reacting with insight to events as they occur. Shadowbase software provides companies the suite of products necessary to leverage this RTBI technology with proven implementations, while providing significant business benefits.

Case Study: Real-Time Credit and Debit Card Fraud, an HPE Shadowbase Real-Time Business Intelligence Solution

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