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Cellular Provider Achieves Continuous Availability for Prepaid Calls

By implementing the critical Prepaid Front End (PPFE) as an active/active system, one of the largest cellular telephone service providers in South Africa ensured continuous availability of subscriber account recharging, calling time transfer, and calling time query services to its subscribers. It also took advantage of efficiencies by imposing reasonable availability requirements on its ancillary systems, which are all monolithic systems fed via data replication from the central PPFE. HPE NonStop servers are judiciously used for the ancillary systems requiring greater availability. The cellular provider’s Prepaid Recharge System is an excellent example of a heterogeneous system mixing active/active technologies with high availability systems, all connected by HPE Shadowbase data replication software, operating in uni-directional, bi-directional, and data integration modes.

Case Study:
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