Achieving Century Uptimes with HPE Shadowbase Active/Active Technology

An HPE Shadowbase active/active system architecture provides disaster tolerance by maintaining a network of independent processing nodes, each having access to a common replicated database. This architecture eliminates the uncertainty and cost that exists with an active/backup approach; all nodes work and perform real work at all times. For the most mission-critical services and data, those for which any outage is unacceptable, only an active/active business continuity architecture will suffice to protect the business against the costs of planned and unplanned outages. Using HPE Shadowbase replication to implement an active/active architecture is the focus of this white paper. Several case studies are provided that illustrate how several Fortune 500 companies are already using Shadowbase active/active technology to protect their                                                                                       businesses.

White Paper:
adobe-iconAchieving Century Uptimes with HPE Shadowbase Active/Active Technology

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