Zero Data Loss (ZDL) for HPE Nonstop Environments


Healthcare medical dosing processes, stock trading systems, money center bank electronic funds transfer applications, etc., cannot tolerate any data loss when failures occur.



All asynchronous data replication engines may lose data when the source system or datacenter suffers a catastrophic failure. This data loss may result in loss of life, regulatory fines, criminal prosecution, and loss of revenue and brand reputation for the affected company.


Diagram of HPE Shadowbase in an Active/Passive, Zero Data Loss architecture. Users make changes to an application which posts its changes to an active NonStop database. Then, Shadowbase Zero Data Loss uni-directionally sends the data to a passive NonStop database which acts as a backup in case of a failover is needed. Transactions are safe-stored before commit. It removes the risk of loss and uncertainty of the status of your data after a failover/takeover.

Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Zero Data Loss Architecture


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