Continuous Application Availability for Cellular Network


A cellular provider services a large and growing population of cell phone customers. All traffic for a given subscriber is routed to only one system at a time.


The provider needed to improve cell phone services and provisioning to be more efficiently load-balanced and continuously available to avoid data collisions when running in an active/active business continuity architecture. This required improvements in network routing capabilities and system scale-out as well as redundancy to survive any catastrophic system, datacenter, or regional disaster.



  • Use HPE Shadowbase bi-directional data replication to synchronize application databases in a “route anywhere” model (any user/transaction can be serviced by any system)
  • Apply relative replication to correct data collisions, keeping records consistent across nodes
Diagram of a text message and cellular application connected to a regional cell tower, which sends the data to regional NonStop server in City A. These changes are replicated by Shadowbase bi-directional replication to all other regional NonStop servers in the system for synchronization. A similar configuration is shown on the right-half of the image, with another SMS and cellular application connected to a cell tower, which then routes the data to a regional NonStop Server on City B.

Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity Active/Active “Route Anywhere” Architecture


  • Created a geographically fault tolerant solution with an efficient network topology
  • Increased application availability for cellular users
  • Improved server utilization through load-balancing

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