HPE Shadowbase Software Release Versions

HPE Shadowbase versions are numbered numerically (e.g., N.MMM) in ascending order, with an attached “^XXX” suffix to match the corresponding HPE Shadowbase release. The “N” is the release major number and the “MMM” is the release minor number. For example:

  • V6.100^AAA, initial release
  • V6.101^AAB, subsequent release

Mirroring the HPE support model, Gravic Shadowbase releases will generally set the support status:

  • A new version becomes available on <date>: status = Active
  • <date> plus two years: status = Mature
  • <date> plus three years: status = Limited (transfer to Limited by default, serves as the notice date for Obsolete)
  • <date> plus five years: status = Obsolete (with Limited status serving as the 12 months advance notice)

At the time a new version of Shadowbase software becomes available, Gravic will set the Active, Mature, Limited, and Obsolete dates for that release. These dates are published and updated periodically, based on the availability of new versions, and the support policies of the various systems, platforms, databases, and environments that Shadowbase software runs on. This Shadowbase support status matrix is available online at Supported Operating Systems and Databases by Version and will be updated as changes occur. Check the support status matrix periodically for the environments on which you are running Shadowbase software.

Note that due to Gravic and HPE product release and document publication timing differences, the Gravic Shadowbase product support status and the HPE Shadowbase product support status as listed in the SPML may be different.

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