HPE Shadowbase Streams for Application Integration

HPE Shadowbase Streams is a powerful and flexible facility that enables diverse applications to interoperate with each other at the event-driven level (called application integration) and at the data level (called data integration). This capability is provided even for legacy applications that cannot be directly modified and that were never intended nor designed to work together. HPE Shadowbase Streams is a member of the HPE Shadowbase product suite and distributes updated information in real-time throughout the enterprise. It rapidly delivers information where and when it is needed without customer application modification. With application integration, events generated by a source application are detected by Shadowbase Streams and sent in real-time to a target application for processing. The application’s responsibility is simply to make functional use of the events delivered by Shadowbase Streams using existing methods of interfacing to that application. Target system applications may use this stream of events or a local copy of data updates from the source application for expanded functionality and to improve response times. With Shadowbase Streams for application integration, new and valuable services may be generated to enhance competitiveness, to reduce costs or to increase revenue, to satisfy regulatory requirements, and to generally improve the user experience. Examples include building real-time fraud detection, real-time business intelligence, and real-time operational system integration.

White Paper:
adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Streams for Application Integration

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