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Real-Time Fraud Detection and Resolution for Financial Switch

Active/Active Message Switch

Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Active/Active Architecture for a Financial Message Switch


One of the largest U.S. processors of credit card transactions provides transaction authorization and settlement services on a pair of HPE NonStop systems. The processor is running in an active/active HPE Shadowbase business continuity (BC) architecture (Figure 1).


Fraudulent transaction activity was increasing and costing the processor a great deal of money. The processor needed to integrate real-time fraud detection into its transaction authorization services to identify suspicious activity. Directly modifying the authorization application processing would involve extensive and complex changes and require a lengthy testing cycle.


Use HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration to bi-directionally integrate the authorization activity in real-time with an off-platform fraud detection solution from Fair Isaac (Figure 2).

Shadowbase fraud detection integration

Figure 2 — HPE Shadowbase Active/Active Architecture with Real-Time Fraud Detection


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