Migrate Casino Application Environments with Zero Downtime


A casino manages all aspects of its business (gaming, hotel operations, restaurants, etc.) on HPE NonStop systems. As part of a major upgrade, the casino developed several new applications, restructured its databases, and changed the schema of the Enscribe files and SQL tables.


The casino needed to implement the new applications and database formats in a new platform environment. The casino required 24/7 application availability and could not accept a moment of downtime during the migration.


Diagram of HPE Shadowbase ZDM architecture: Users are connected to a primary NonStop Server running the current application, connected to an Enscribe and SQL database, with the transaction changes being picked up by Shadowbase from the audit trail, and replicated to a backup NonStop server. To perform the ZDM, first, setup the new databases on the future production system. Second, set up Shadowbase replication from the current production system to Shadowbase on the future production system (and ensure the transactions are appearing in the new database). Third, bring up the new application and thoroughly test it to ensure transactional consistency (Shadowbase Compare is an excellent product for this verification step). Fourth, disconnect the users from old application on the old production system, then connect them to the new application on the new production system, and use Shadowbase to failback to the old production system if necessary.

Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Architecture


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