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Technical Briefs

HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language (SBDDLUTL) Technical Brief

The HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (SBDDLUTL) provides a powerful interface to convert and map the Enscribe DDL data structures (records, fields) into their SQL equivalents (tables, columns). SBDDLUTL supports a variety of target SQL databases, including...

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HPE Shadowbase Data Protection Technical Brief

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets, and cyber thieves want it. Whenever data is moved between systems, a window of opportunity for data theft opens, which opportunistic hackers will be quick to exploit. But whether it is data at rest, or data in motion, HPE Shadowbase...

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HPE Shadowbase Support for IBM Db2® Technical Brief

This brief explains how Gravic dramatically improved the support of HPE Shadowbase for Db2 as a source in data replication environments. With the latest release, HPE Shadowbase software makes it easy and cost effective to integrate your Db2 databases into the rest of your data...


    Managing Latency Technical Brief

    One of the Most Critical Aspects of Data Replication Performance The two most important types are: Replication Latency The elapsed time between when a data change (e.g., insert, update, delete) is committed to the source system database, and when it is applied to the target database. It is the time period when the change data...