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HPE Shadowbase Compare Solution Brief

HPE Shadowbase Compare is a suite of utility products that compares two HPE NonStop databases (Enscribe and/or SQL), and reports all found discrepancies between them. Discrepancies may occur, for example, if a disaster corrupts one of the databases, or the user accidentally misconfigures the application or replication environment. Applications may remain active on both the source and target, even for updating, while the compare takes place. HPE Shadowbase Compare validates that a target database matches its source, and satisfies regulatory requirements for data verification. It is meant for comparing like-to-like environments, such as HPE NonStop to HPE NonStop source/target (e.g., for Enscribe-to-Enscribe or SQL-to-SQL business continuity). HPE Shadowbase Compare works across TCP/IP and/or Expand connectivity; however, there is limited support for SQL environments if only TCP/IP is available between the systems.

Solution Brief:
adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Compare Solution Brief

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