September 14-15, 2022 — Gravic Presents at CTUG Fall Conference

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This past week, GraCTUG Crowdvic attended the CTUG (Canadian Tandem User Group) Fall Conference at the HPE Office in Toronto. Luckily for us, travel was not a significant challenge during this trip.

The Conference Day kicked off on Wednesday with a breakfast reception and a brief CTUG update from Jack McAuley, CTUG President. There was even an Early Bird Prize Drawing (which we enjoyed seeing, because, after all, as the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm”). Then, Justin Simonds, HPE Master Technologist, presented Anti-Money Laundering and Know your Client. We found Justin’s presentation very moving, and we wish him well getting HPE funding/support to move the cause further. Justin was quite knowledgeable and did a significant amount of research on Human Trafficking and how trends in transactional data can highlight potential trafficking events. Later in the morning, Keith Moore, HPE Distinguished Technologist, presented Everything New in 2022, NonStop Technology. We found it so important that we are reviewing the material with our entire development organization.

Katalin Mihalyi (ACI Worldwide) & Paden Holenstein (Gravic)

Later in the day, we presented HPE Shadowbase Product News which discussed Business Continuity approaches that enterprises are using in production, how to replace EOSL and out-of-date replication products with HPE Shadowbase, and our newest video, the HPE Shadowbase Essentials Bundle. Afterwards, we received a flurry of questions, and thank all of the attendees for their questions and participation. Clearly, the afternoon coffee break fueled attendees’ focus and produced excellent questions.

Thursday, the Education Day, we presented on the Validation Architecture, a new solution that Gravic is building in conjunction with Gravic Labs, Shadowbase Software, and Remark Software. Attendees caught a glimpse of what a “Best of Both Worlds” High Integrity Voting System” would look like in the real world.  For those of you that made it to Discover 2022, or that make it to the Connect TBC show, please attend our Vendor Theater as we will have more time to delve into more details on how these new architectures guarantee rock-solid data integrity.

The new HPE Office was quite lovely, in a very convenient location (less than two miles from the Toronto airport), and perhaps most importantly, boasted a very robust coffee and cappuccino machine!  We congratulate our latest prize winners, and thank them for attending CTUG!