November 8-10, 2022 — Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase Solutions at the Connect HPE NonStop TBC

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The NonStop TBC 2022 was held at the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame, California on November 8-10. We greatly appreciated everyone who made the journey to attend this event. Traveling is not easy, especially for our friends from other time zones (who had to endure jet lag plus the Daylight Savings Time change on Sunday). It is always great to meet face-to-face, and we hope that everyone who attended left the event with valuable key takeaways and new connections.

On Monday, the HPE NonStop Design Challenge had good attendance and ran smoothly. For the last challenge in 2019, only about a dozen or so folks attended, but this year about two to three dozen attended. The participant’s challenge was related to application modernization. The judges struggled to determine the winner, with the final contestant winning by only 7% on the score cards. Afterwards, the Beer Bust reception was enjoyed by all participants.

On Tuesday, Kristi Elizondo of Connect opened the floor and welcomed everyone to the event. Gabrielle Guerrera (of NuWave Technologies) joined Kristi on-stage, and we all took a few moments of silence in remembrance of several key HPE NonStop community members who recently passed away. We hope that their families and friends do not have a difficult time in recovering from these losses. Then, Jeff Kyle announced the latest news and recent solutions being developed by the HPE NonStop team; one of which is HPE NonStop being ported over to run on public cloud-provided hardware.

On Wednesday, Traci Brown delivered the morning keynote, Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, which explained how to read body language to potentially determine if someone is lying or not. Paul Holenstein (Gravic, Inc.) and Steve Tcherchian (XYPRO Technologies), much to their chagrin, were called onto the stage, giving the audience a chance to practice their newly-learned skills. On Wednesday evening, a group of the NonStop Under 40s went to two bars in San Mateo and took the opportunity to network and enjoy some candid conversations.

Gravic Sessions of Interest:

  1. HPE Business Continuity Product Suite Update
  2. Central Bank of Oman Dramatically Improves its Payment Switch’s Availability
  3. HPE Shadowbase – What’s New in ’22?
  4. Active/Active and Validation Architectures for Mission Critical Systems
  5. HPE In-Booth Demo – How to Gain Deep Insight into HPE Shadowbase with HPE NonStop Web ViewPoint Enterprise

If you missed a talk, would like more information on anything you saw or to know the latest HPE Shadowbase developments and news, then please contact us.