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William Holenstein
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Effective with Shadowbase release NSB5010 for NonStop, there is a new configuration tool suite available for customer utilization. These new configuration macros replace the legacy CONFIGEX sample Shadowbase configuration file. These macros incorporate best-in-practice procedures for configuring optimized Shadowbase NonStop environments. The new macros, called SBUNIDIR, SBBIDIR, SBUNDROS, and SBBIDROS, take user defined parameters as input and generate fully functional configuration files for managing the Shadowbase monitor process (AUDMON), the collector (AUDCOLL, AUDCOLLN or SBCOLL), the QMGR, the SOLVMGR, and the consumer (AUDCONS, AUDCONSN, AUDCONXN) processes you require for replication.

We recommend that all new customers use these tools to generate their Shadowbase configurations, and existing customers migrate to these tools when they next upgrade Shadowbase.

SBUNIDIR: Can be used to configure Enscribe and SQL/MP NonStop Shadowbase uni-directional replication environments for NSK->NSK (cross node), NSK->NSK (same node, or loopback), ->NSK (standalone consumer, for receiving input replicate data from an open server, for example), and NSK->Open replication. SBUNIDIR handles replication over EXPAND and TCP/IP.

SBBIDIR: Can be used to configure Enscribe and SQL/MP NonStop to NonStop bi-directional replication environments for NSK<->NSK over TCP/IP and EXPAND.

SBUNDROS: Can be used to configure SQL/MX (effective release NSB5010) uni-directional environments from NSK->NSK (cross node), NSK->NSK (same node), ->NSK standalone consumer, and NSK->Open, all over TCP/IP.

SBBIDROS can be used to configure SQL/MX (effective release NSB5010) bi-directional environments between HP NonStop servers over TCP/IP.

The user provides input parameters to these macros, which when executed generate the required startup, shutdown, and status macros for the desired environment. For more details, please consult the Shadowbase Tools and Utilities Manual for the chapters dedicated to their use.

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