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William Holenstein
Senior Manager of Product Delivery

In late August, Shadowbase Delivery upgraded the Shadowbase Knowledgebase. This new offering runs on a product called phpkb v7.5, which is a new web-based tool written in php. The new Shadowbase Knowledgebase sits in the same location as the old one did:, so you do not need to update any of your current links or short cuts. It is also fully accessible without a password. Users have the option to ‘Search’ for solutions to issues, ‘Ask a Question,’ ‘Submit an Article,’ plus many other features. All of the functionality of the existing Shadowbase Knowledgebase was maintained, plus some new features were added.

While the new Shadowbase Knowledgebase is fully accessible without a login, an extended set of features is available with a login and password. Among these other features is the ability to post ‘Private’ material, which is secured in a private folder, and only accessible to certain subscribers granted access. Access can be maintained via individual login or at the group level for these private folders. For some of you, we anticipate using this feature in the upcoming months in order to share specific detail that may be required. (This feature is under consideration at this time.)

For more information, questions, or concerns with the new Shadowbase Knowledgebase, or to receive a login as a customer, please contact Shadowbase Product Delivery at

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Shadowbase Knowledgebase

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