Shadowbase Support Tips

Bill G. Holenstein

William Holenstein Senior Manager of Product Delivery

Hello everyone, and welcome to this edition of Shadowbase Support Tips.

The Customer Portal is a secure area within the Gravic Shadowbase domain where our licensed users gain access to a variety of additional Shadowbase information. Located under the banner of the Gravic website’s Shadowbase home page is a tab for Support. Mouse over this option to see a variety of Support-related components, among which is the Customer Portal.

The Portal is broken down into several areas:

Product Releases: This page contains links to the latest certified releases of Shadowbase for the NonStop and Open Server platforms.

Manuals: Use this tab to download any or all of the Shadowbase PDF documentation in the manual set by release ID or view the current Shadowbase documentation online.

SoftDocs: Gain access—for reviewing and downloading–of the product SOFTDOCS for every Open Server and NonStop release.

Notifications: This tab was recently added to the Customer Portal and provides a listing of all the product Non-Critical-Notifications—or broadcast reports—which were broadcast via email.

Submit an RFE: This area allows the user to send us a request for a new product feature or an enhancement, or a suggestion on how to eliminate or remedy a particular issue with the product.

Contact Us Use this tab to ask a question or to make a suggestion.

Literature: Click this tab to be redirected to the White Paper and Case Study areas of the Shadowbase website.

Knowledgebase: The section of the portal that’s perhaps growing the fastest. This area provides a query-able section that allows you to search for specific product information, how-to’s, gotcha’s, and other operation answers.

For additional details regarding the Shadowbase Customer Portal, or to request a login ID and password, please send an email request to the support desk at with “PORTAL” in the subject line. We’ll be happy to set up your access.

We are always open to your suggestions, comments, and concerns at Shadowbase Support and look forward to hearing from you. As always, if you are experiencing a level 1 or level 2 support issue please contact the support desk directly via email at or via phone, +1.610.647.8180 during normal business hours, or use the off-hours 24×7 protocol as per your support contract.