Shadowbase Spotlight

Photo of Keith B. Evans

Keith B. Evans Shadowbase Business Development

We welcome Keith B. Evans, our newest member of the Shadowbase Business Development team.

In the Fall, Keith began working on Shadowbase Business Development and Product Management of the Shadowbase Synchronous Replication products. He is very excited by the Shadowbase technology, saying the product suite presents many great opportunities for the company, and looks forward to helping realize them. He enjoys working in a small company atmosphere where he feels he can accomplish many tasks. He says the people he has met at Gravic so far are a real pleasure to work with, professional, helpful, and friendly.

Keith earned a BSc (Honors) in Combined Sciences from DeMontfort University, Leicester, England. He began his professional life as a software engineer at IBM Laboratories in the UK, developing the CICS “application server.” He then moved to Digital Equipment Corp. in the UK as a pre-sales specialist. In 1988 he emigrated to the U.S. and took a position at Amdahl in Silicon Valley as a software architect, working on transaction processing middleware for its UTS (Unix) O/S.

In 1992 he joined Tandem and was the lead architect for its open TP application server program (NonStop Tuxedo). After the Tandem mergers he became a Distinguished Technologist with HP NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) and was involved with the continuing development of middleware application infrastructures (Pathway, J2EE, SOA, et al). In 2006 he moved into a Product Manager position at NED, responsible for middleware products. Most pertinent to Gravic, he became responsible for the NonStop Business Continuity product suite (RDF, TMF, AutoTMF, AutoSYNC, and SDR). In 2000, Keith was awarded a patent for the Transaction Internet Protocol (TIP), which became an IETF standard.

Keith’s hobbies include football (soccer), home theater, travel, and photography. He also plays the electric blues guitar, dabbles in astronomy, and enjoys classic and current collector cars. Keith is married to Sharon Fisher and they live in Santa Rosa, CA.