Shadowbase Marketing Highlights

  • Stock photo of binary code on a surface of a planetFall Tradeshows: At the Connect NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp (T.B.C.) event in San Jose, we enjoyed meeting with NonStop technology engineers, executives, practitioners, analysts, consultants, and other industry professionals. We attended three days of excellent technical content and conducted peer-to-peer networking as we discussed the capabilities of Shadowbase data replication and data integration solutions.
  • If you are interested in discussing any of our three TBC presentations’ content or having us present these to your staff, please Contact us.
  • Shadowbase Data Replication and Data Integration Solutions
  • How One Bank Used a Disaster to Jump-Start its Move into a NonStop-Based Active/Active Architecture
  • Pursuing Zero Data Loss and Avoiding Data Collisions for Business Continuity: Sync Replication Update
  • View the series of three YouTube videos (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of Tandem founder Jimmy Treybig speech at the TBC, or visit our Facebook page.
  • View the TBC event photos on our Facebook page. In October CTUG held their 2012 Fall Conference at the HP headquarters at Hewlett-Packard Canada, Spectrum Way. It turned out to be the largest CTUG conference convened to date, with the customer attendance setting a new CTUG record with more than 90 direct customer representatives and a total of more than 140 combined registrants for the conference and education day. HP confirmed positive growth and strategic positioning of the NonStop platform message and showed its current and future commitment to the technology. We appreciate the efforts of the CTUG organizers for making this a very worthwhile conference.The attendance and venue were very impressive at the Connect Germany IT-Symposium PanEuropean GTUG NonStop HotSpot, held in September at the Westin Bellevue Hotel in Dresden, Germany. The event was well-attended by 35 companies and about 65 customer personnel, who stopped by our booth and/or attended one of our presentations. We appreciated the opportunity to meet with customers and share ideas regarding how Shadowbase data replication could provide business solutions to their most pressing business issues within business continuity, data integration, data replication, and their synchronization needs. To see our event photos, please click here. In December Gravic attended the BITUG BIG SIG in London and the FTUG French-Speaking NonStop Users Meeting in Paris and presented its case study One Bank’s March Towards Active/Active (A Strong Reminder Why Successfully Testing Your Business Continuity Plan Actually Matters). This presentation is based on the case study that led to Gravic winning one of the HP and Intel 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Awards. If you missed our presentation and would like a copy, or have any questions about how Shadowbase can assist you in solving your business continuity, data replication, zero downtime migrations, or other real-time data integration needs, please contact us. To read an article based on the award submission, please click here.
  • New Customers:
    One of the ten largest US retailers (with over 4,000 locations) is now using Shadowbase Streams to integrate its receipt return tables on an HP NonStop ACI BASE24™ database with an AJB Oracle database running on Linux. Initially, only the NonStop application/database is actively being updated, and replication is one-way. Soon, the Linux/Oracle application and database will come on-line and be active and the entire complex will run as an active/active distributed heterogeneous application environment. When running in an active/active mode, data collisions need to be identified and resolved, a task well-suited to Shadowbase’s extensible replication architecture.The Linux system is an Oracle RAC (clustered) environment, and Shadowbase Streams is being installed to take advantage of that configuration. Shadowbase Streams will also handle the necessary data transformation and encryption. Shadowbase Streams for data integration and application integration provides the facilities for integrating existing applications, services, or database environments in order to create new functionality for the enterprise, typically without the need to modify existing application code. Click here for more information about Shadowbase Streams, or contact an ever-increasing sign that the mobile phone is continuing to free customers from static terminals, we are pleased to welcome an Africa-based SMS-based service company to the Shadowbase family. This new product offers the subscriber a mechanism whereby they can win prizes, receive discounts, or take advantage of promotional offers. This service illustrates just one of the wide varieties of uses our customers have for replication.
  • Published Articles: Only on NonStop – The HP NonStop Synchronous Gateway in the November-December issue of The Connection. The article gives a detailed account on recent features and enhancements made to the HP NonStop Synchronous Gateway including various processing models and the transaction process. The Shadowbase Coordinated Commits (future technology) process is also explained along with its benefits and the gains from using synchronous replication. To read this article, please click here. One Bank’s March Towards Active/Active (A Strong Reminder Why Successfully Testing Your Business Continuity Plan Actually Matters) in the September-October issue of The Connection and the Fall issue of Connect Converge. This island bank is located on the Pacific Rim Ring of Fire and lost its data center for several hours during an earthquake. The bank initiated its disaster recovery plan, but could not bring its backup systems into operation and suffered a failover fault. The most critical outages were its online banking services and its ATM/POS network, which were further aggravated by the production system losing power and having the IT staff evacuated from the primary data center due to concerns about structural damage. The bank addressed these issues by implementing Shadowbase data replication, moving its architecture in a controlled fashion towards an active/active configuration and continuous availability. To read this article, please click here.