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Version 5.001 for Shadowbase is now available in general release. This version extends a number of existing Shadowbase capabilities, as well as adding support for several new features. Importantly, the release resolves a number of issues and contains some patches from HP for improving the performance of the HP ARLIB audit reading routines.

For NonStop, Shadowbase Version 5.001 Includes:

  • NonStop SQL/MX 3.2 support as a source and a target, including bi-directional replication
  • Shadowbase UNDO™, a utility to selectively undo (or rollback) file or table changes (useful to resolve errant program database behavior without taking the entire application or database offline)
  • Shadowbase File Chaser™, for injecting non-audited Enscribe file data into the replication engine
  • SQL VIEW replication, allowing the VIEW to act as a shorthand for defining the data to be replicated
  • Support for embedded well-known column names that are to be automatically added to the replicated data (e.g. audit trail location and timestamp)
  • Enhanced support for compressed update audit expansion
  • Performance enhancements, especially in our patented statement caching engine

For Open Server, Shadowbase Version 5.001 Includes:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions for supported platforms
  • Additional datatype support across the latest releases of the commercial databases we support
  • Improved statistics collection and reporting
  • Oracle database optimizations
  • Sybase ASE 15.x source and target refresh

Future Development Plans Include:

  • Extensions to our DDL replication capabilities
  • Additional “Database Recovery” Capabilities (Even while the Database Remains Available to Applications)
  • Further Integration of Open Server and NonStop Messaging/Status Reporting
  • DB2 Log-Based Source Support (All Supported Platforms)
  • Oracle Log-Based Source Support (All Supported Platforms)
  • Oracle RAC Environment Enhancements
  • A Port of Shadowbase onto the IBM Mainframe for Bi-Directional DB2 Source and Target Support on that Platform

As always, please keep us abreast of your future technology direction, needs, and wants in the data replication, integration, application integration, and data synchronization space so we can plan to meet them accordingly.

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