Visit Gravic at Upcoming Connect NonStop Advanced T.B.C.

TBC 2013 logoPlease stop by Gravic Booth #21 at the Connect NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp on November 3-5 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA USA. We will be handing out yellow wristbands at our booth and Shadowbase presentations for a vendor-sponsored tour of the HP ATC Headquarters in Palo Alto on Tuesday, 7-11pm. Invited guests are to meet at the main entrance portico of the DoubleTree Hotel by 7pm on Tuesday to board two reserved coach buses. We look forward to meeting with customers, HP executives and engineers, and other vendors. We appreciate the opportunity to share ideas regarding how Shadowbase data replication could provide business solutions to their most pressing business issues within business continuity, data integration, data replication, and your synchronization needs. We hope to see you at one or all of our presentations:

Two-Hour Pre-Conference Seminar: Sunday, November 3, 1-3pm, Monterrey Room

Speakers: Mr. Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President, Gravic, Inc.; Mr. John R. Hoffmann, Senior Manager of NonStop Development, Shadowbase Products Group; Mr. Keith B. Evans, Shadowbase Business Development & Product Management
Title: Recent Advances in High and Continuous Availability Architectures for NonStop Systems
Abstract: As business needs have driven higher and higher application availability requirements, various high and continuous availability architectures are evolving to meet those needs. This session defines what is meant by high and continuous application availability requirements, and then focuses on asynchronous (async) replication technology that supports disaster recovery (active/passive) architectures as well as the more sophisticated bi-directional active/active architectures (applications actively running on each node). Various methods for either avoiding or identifying and resolving data collisions in active/active architectures are then reviewed. The session also explains the benefits of synchronous (sync) replication technology, including ways to achieve zero data loss at a total failure of the source node as well as the ability to avoid data collisions for active/active architectures. It then describes how the technology is being enhanced for NonStop systems to allow Gravic’s Shadowbase replication engine to realize the benefits of sync technology. Several case studies of deployed implementations will be presented, highlighting the advantages and limitations of each.

One-Hour Connect Session, Monday, November 4, 11:30am-12:25pm, Oak Room

Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Mr. Keith B. Evans, Shadowbase Business Development & Product Management
Title: Fingers Crossed? Matching Your Business Continuity Solution to Your Business Risk
Abstract: Extended outages happen, and when they do, the cost to your business can be severe. You are at risk if you: have no business continuity plans, are using tape or virtual tape backup, or have an active/passive disaster recovery plan that may include failover faults, cumbersome implementation and testing, and provides a false sense of security. To avoid risk, you need to go beyond the reactive active/passive model and into sizzling-hot-standby or active/active models. This session looks at the causes and consequences of prolonged downtime, and the various business continuity architectures which may be employed to minimize them. Focusing on real-time data replication, the pros and cons of asynchronous and synchronous replication technologies are discussed. So the next time that unexpected downtime occurs, you will not need to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

One-Hour Vendor Theater: Monday, November 4, 1:30-2:25pm, Fir Room

Speaker: Mr. Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President, Gravic, Inc.
Title: Leveraging Data Replication Technology for Business Continuity, Data Integration, and Application Integration
Abstract: Shadowbase, Gravic’s real-time data replication product, provides business solutions for business continuity/disaster recovery, data integration and synchronization, application integration, real-time business intelligence, and data warehouse feeds. Shadowbase products support homogeneous and heterogeneous replication projects across a wide variety of platforms and databases, including HP NonStop, Linux, IBM, Unix, and Windows, for HP Enscribe/SQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, and MySQL databases. This presentation provides an overview of key Shadowbase solution features, and highlights their use via customer case studies in improving application availability as well as simplifying your data sharing and data integration challenges.