Two New Case Studies

Stock photo of "BANK" inscription on stone buildingGravic recently published its latest case study, Shadowbase ZDM Achieves Zero Downtime Migration for Large Bank Datacenter. Gravic recently published its latest case study, Shadowbase ZDM Achieves Zero Downtime Migration for Large Bank Datacenter. A major bank operates one of the largest ATM/POS networks in North America, using the BASE24™ product from ACI, running on HP NonStop servers. If this ATM/POS service went down, much of the region’s retail commerce would come to a halt. At peak times this application services more than 1.5 million ATM/POS transactions per hour. The bank modernized its active/backup datacenter architecture and reengineered it into an active/active network using Shadowbase data replication and integration solutions. The ATM/POS service is geographically distributed between two datacenters, with Shadowbase bi-directional data replication between the two centers. During migration, the bank eliminated application downtime and retained continuous application service availability by temporarily adding a third node into the active/active application network and using a tri-directional data replication configuration.

Stock photo of person handing credit card from one person to anotherGravic recently published its latest case study, Two Merged Retailers Integrate HP NonStop SQL and Oracle RAC. A major U.S. retailer has thousands of stores, and wanted to integrate the point-of-sale processing for its existing ACI BASE24 application with a new AJB point-of-sale application as it rolled out new stores or upgraded existing stores. The BASE24 application runs on NonStop SQL and the AJB application runs on Linux/Oracle RAC. This challenge required bi-directionally integrating an active/active heterogeneous database environment across the ACI BASE24 NonStop SQL database and the Linux-based Oracle RAC database as the applications actively run in each environment. The retailer turned to Shadowbase Streams to integrate the distinctly different applications by mirroring key parts of the NonStop SQL and Oracle databases. Each store now has local access to all sales, refund, and exchange activities so that any customer is easily serviced at any store. The retailer completed the integration without any downtime of the application services to its customers or stores.