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Paul J. Holenstein
Executive Vice President

Hello and welcome to our Fall 2013 Shadowbase Products Group Newsletter. These past few months were a busy time for us as the economy has definitely been improving, the trade show and conference “vibe” is very upbeat, and Shadowbase products are doing well in a variety of new customer solutions, some of which I will highlight below.Gravic, Inc., 17 General Warren Blvd., Malvern, PA.

First, we moved our offices to much larger new headquarters, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles west of Philadelphia. Our new address is: 17 General Warren Blvd., Malvern, PA 19355-1245 USA. Our phone and fax numbers and web/email contact information remain the same. With the initial disruption of the physical move completed, things are settling down and we are enjoying the new facility. In particular, we have extensive training and meeting facilities, and will be offering on-site training again to our resellers and customers in our state-of-the-art facility.

Activities were busy on the sales front, with a number of recent key customer wins. We welcome these existing and new members of the Shadowbase family:

Major Telco (USA): Although this telco has been a Gravic Shadowbase customer since 1991, we recently fought through and won a rather tough (and lengthy) multi-vendor proof-of-concept for a major new smart-phone initiative. The new application runs in a bi-directional active/active business continuity backbone, while supporting a highly scalable N-node read-only scale-out architecture for service validation, cell phone application downloads, and provisioning.

Colombia Stock Exchange/ BVC/Deceval (South America): We were initially contacted by the Columbia stock exchange and trade settling organizations when their existing replication vendor could not provide multi-platform, heterogeneous replication support, including AIX/Sybase to NonStop (for trade settlements), NonStop to NonStop (for business continuity), and NonStop to Linux/MySQL (for a data warehouse reporting database). Shadowbase replication satisfied all of these needs, and is now being used to streamline their straight-thru-processing (STP) trade settlement initiative.

HAS/Nexway (Japan): Nexway needed to perform a zero downtime migration (ZDM) for its applications, and our Japanese reseller High Availability Systems (HAS) won the services contract to perform the effort using Shadowbase solutions. Shadowbase replication is particularly well-suited for eliminating “planned downtime” for these types of application migrations. Click for a white paper on this ZDM technique.

HP BV/ING (Netherlands): During an upgrade of its NonStop systems, ING encountered issues with its existing replication vendor’s solution, and needed an alternate solution FAST. The Shadowbase team responded and quickly enlisted all hands to pull together a solution in two weeks’ time to replace the previous solution. Always know that we are here to help should you find yourself in a similar predicament.

We want to share more exciting news on the Trial/POC front. We are currently working on several trials that are very promising. They include active/active bi-directional business continuity data replication at a large retailer and telco; business intelligence replication for feeding various data warehouses and data marts at a distributor, parts-supplier, and large financial services firm; and additional zero downtime migration (ZDM) projects for a number of potential customers so they can eliminate planned downtime from their application services while they make rather disruptive platform, operating system, application, and database upgrades. Always remember that our trials and proof-of-concept Shadowbase licenses are provided free-of-charge so that you can kick-the-tires and test out your scenarios in your environments, using your equipment and your data (or we will gladly demo it for you on our lab systems). Stay tuned as we hope (and expect) to be sharing more exciting news with you in the near future.

For additional information about Gravic’s products and services, including free white papers on how Shadowbase data replication and data integration solutions can solve your company’s business continuity, data integration and synchronization, application integration, application modernization, and real-time business intelligence challenges, please visit: ShadowbaseSoftware.com.

We deeply appreciate your support and use of our products. Please let us know what we can do to assist in your efforts to solve your availability and data integration and synchronization business problems. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss what is on your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

With warm regards,

Paul J. Holenstein

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