Fall 2022

Paul J. Holenstein

    Fall 2022: Executive Vice President’s Letter

    Welcome to our Fall 2022 Shadowbase Products Group Newsletter! Please attend our presentations at the NonStop TBC 2022 at the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame, California on November 8-10. ...

    Keith B. Evans

      Fall 2022: Focus on Shadowbase Product Management

      The combination of AWR together with Shadowbase online data replication to keep backup database copies synchronized provides a fully automated mechanism to keep your Pathway business services up and running!...

      Paden R. Holenstein

        Fall 2022: Preview of TBC 2022, a New Team Member, Recap of the Latest Shows, and New Publications!

        We have a lot of exciting developments, including the upcoming TBC event, a new member joining the Shadowbase Team a few months ago, and several recent publications and events. I hope to see you next week at the TBC! HPE NonStop TBC 2022 sessions of interest HPE Shadowbase – What’s New in ’22? – TBC22-VT07,...

        Chris J. Capitolo

          Fall 2022: Shadowbase Delivery & ITL

          With the release of Shadowbase version 6.700 earlier this year and for the first time in many years that a version release requires a change to the password format used to validate the software....

          Peter Schvarcz

          Fall 2022: Shadowbase Deployment News

          Life has approached some level of normalcy and the Deployment Team is busy! I don’t think it will come as news to anyone, that for the most part, life has approached some level of normalcy in the past six months or so. While Covid-19 is still often a topic of discussion and on the mind...

          Jonathan M. Ziegler

            Fall 2022: Shadowbase Development News

            Version 6.700 of HPE Shadowbase for NonStop Servers is now generally available. Note, a new license file is required to install and run HPE Shadowbase (for HPE NonStop and Other Servers) software version 6.700....