Fall 2021: Shadowbase Delivery & ITL

Chris Capitolo

Chris Capitolo, Senior Manager of Product Delivery

Fall Newsletter 2021

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The ITL Group Has Been Busy

The ITL group has been far busier than normal during the last six months. We are close to wrapping up one of our largest projects with a major Canadian bank. The project scope is also one of the most complex ones since it includes replacing RDF and Attunity products with the bi-directional Shadowbase Sizzling-Hot-Takeover replication solution for four distinct business units, with some comprising multiple regions, each of which requires its own independent replication environment.

Replacing Attunity Connect

In addition, we are also providing a replacement for an off-to-on platform business solution previously provided by Attunity. The original Attunity Connect solution allowed off-platform Linux and Windows applications to directly query the HPE NonStop Enscribe databases. Since that solution is mature and not available for the customer’s new NonStop platform refresh, the customer needed a quick replacement. Shadowbase Data Integration solves this need by replicating data from Enscribe to SQL/MX, to provide the bank’s clients with improved query capability without changing the bank’s client application.

We are also updating two of their previous Shadowbase solutions:

  • An off-platform Data Integration solution that replicates from HPE NonStop to Linux feeding Kafka
  • An on-platform solution that converts order trading activity into Enscribe queue file entries that are then processed by the bank’s wealth management clients

birds v shapeZero Downtime Migrations

In addition, all of these subprojects require a Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) from several NSI to NSX systems. We have also just begun another conversion project with one of the largest banks in the UK. Like the Canadian bank project, it promises to be just as complex and extensive. These projects are not the only ones we are working on, although these projects alone would keep us very busy. We are all looking forward to successful completions with projects at work while hoping for smoother sailing with the pandemic and how it affects our personal lives.

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