Fall 2022: Shadowbase Delivery & ITL

Chris J. Capitolo

Chris Capitolo, Senior Manager of Product Delivery

Shadowbase Version 6.7 requires a change in password format

With the release of Shadowbase version 6.700 earlier this year, for the first time in many years, this version release requires a change to the password format used to validate the software.

This change will be good in the long run, since this new password format should be simpler to maintain going forward, but it does present users with the challenge of keeping the right password file with the right Shadowbase version when upgrading from an older version.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks in order to avoid password format headaches during the transition.

Gravic Shadowbase logoUsers with an older version of Shadowbase

If you are currently running an older version of Shadowbase software and plan to upgrade to 6.700 or newer in the future, feel free to request the updated password as soon as desired. There is no rule that says you cannot get the new password file prepared before starting the upgrade process.

If the system already has a valid Shadowbase password, the new password can be generated using those same system details in the 6.700 format. Please use your normal channels for requesting a new password and simply indicate that you need the version 6.700 format.

The new password is normal text containing useful information

The Shadowbase password file is a normal text file, and actually has some useful information inside the file itself. At the top of each password file is a banner with some human-readable information.

How do I determine which Shadowbase version I have?

One of the lines in the banner looks like this:


# Created on 202210171523 with release T1129AAG_07Mar2022_LIC_V6700


The V6700 at the end of the line indicates that this password file was generated with the V6700 version of the license generator, meaning it is valid for Shadowbase version 6.700 or newer.

By contrast, the line may look like this instead:


# Created on 202210171225 with release T9999Z99_23APR2019_LIC_V6600


The line shows V6600, so this password file is valid for all versions older than 6.700.  Therefore, you know which version it is valid for by visually inspecting the password file.

The password file and Shadowbase application version do not have to exactly match

For example, a password file created with V6100 is still valid with Shadowbase version 6.600. Only major password format changes, like the V6700 update, require a new password file.

Do not worry if this change sounds complicated

There are many warnings along the way that notify you when a new password format is required. If you heed the warnings and get the right password file to match the version of the Shadowbase application you are running, you will not be stuck without a password in the middle of an upgrade!

We are happy to discuss any questions that you may have. Reach out to us through your normal Support contact information.